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Providing Professional Mental Health Services Since 1996

Personalized Counseling and Psychotherapy

At Ron Lewis Associates in Flourtown, Pennsylvania, we have an experienced staff that provides personalized counseling and psychotherapy services in a professional and calming environment. Our team of professionals specializes in various areas of mental health.

Meet Our Professional Staff:

Psychotherapists (Adult, Adolescents, and Marital)
• Ron Lewis, LCSW MSW
• Ann Plenderleith, LCSW MSW
• Amy Vecho, LPC
• Merle Clearfield, Psychologist

Psychotherapists (Children, Adolescents, and Adults)
• Elizabeth Adler Harrison, LCSW MSW
• Kelly Schneider, CW MSW
• Amy Vecho, LPC
• Addie Johnson, LPC
• Siobhann Hall, LCSW

Psychiatrist (Adult, Adolescent, and Child Psychiatrist)
• R. Hallock Williams, MD
• John Thomas, MD
• Rohan Gopalani, MD

Psychological Testing
• Dr. Kenneth Goldberg, Psy.D.


Contact us today at (215) 643-0200 or fax number is (215) 643-9844 in Flourtown, Pennsylvania, to receive counseling and psychotherapy services that are tailored to your needs.