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Providing Professional Mental Health Services Since 1996

Life-Changing Psychological Support

At Ron Lewis Associates in Flourtown, Pennsylvania, we provide holistic psychological support to help individuals who suffer from chronic pain, panic attacks, severe depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, and other psychological symptoms. We are aware that recovery requires more than surgery, physical therapy, and medications, and this is why we provide specialized individual and group support sessions to help our patients cope.

RLA Helps Individuals, Families, Children, Couples, and Groups Who:
• Seek the Ability to Cope and Manage Their Everyday Lives
• Feel Isolated and Out of Control
• Grieve for What They Once Were or the Former Life They Had
• Have Difficulty with Relationships
• Find Themselves Challenged by Learning Disabilities such as ADHD and ADD

Let Us Help You Achieve the Following:
• Reduced Depression and Anxiety
• Improved Self-Esteem and Self-Worth
• Reduced Isolation by Joining and Participating in Group and Individual Therapy Sessions
• Increased Motivation
• Measured Results by Featuring Cognitive, Behavioral, and Solution-Focused Models
• Opportunity to Recapture One's Life, Return to Work, Change Careers, or Enhance Relationships

Happy Family - Psychological Support
RLA Accepts Insurance Plans, Such As:
• Independence Blue Cross™
• Personal Choice
• Keystone Health Plan East
• Aetna Healthcare™
• Pennsylvania Medicaid


Contact us today at (215) 643-0200 or fax number is 215-643-9844 in Flourtown, Pennsylvania, to receive life-changing psychological support.